What is erectile dysfunction and how can it be treated?

What is erectile dysfunction and how can it be treated?

One of the most common problems in developing a pleasant sex life is erectile dysfunction. It is often wrongly thought that it is only older men who have this problem, but it can be manifested at any age.

The good news is that there is a solution, you have to treat it medically, as with the Alpha Force Testo supplement for example, you can add to that a therapy. If you suffer from this problem, the important thing is that you have an open dialogue with your partner and that you seek professional help. In this way you can fight the erection disorder and enjoy an intimate life without a hitch in this way.

What is the erection disorder?

The erection disorder is characterized by the action where the man has difficulty maintaining an erection long enough to have a complete sexual act. Many men have problems with their penis remaining firm during the sexual act.

If this difficulty is established it is impossible to have a fully satisfying sex life. To find out what exactly is due, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will perform a series of analysis to find a way to end this problem. You can read if you want a scientific article a little more specific on the subject by following this link.

Prevent it with a healthy life

If each case of erectile dysfunction can be completely different, there are lifestyles that can be detrimental to sexual desire:

-A body in poor physical condition can develop diabetes and heart problems that affect erection

– Classic vices such as cigarettes or alcohol can also cause blood circulation problems, which can lead to the same problem.

-If we go a step further, addictions to drugs, psychotropic drugs and Cannabis use can also interfere with the ability to maintain a proper erection during sexual intercourse.

This is why the universal recommendations of a healthy life also serve to optimize the sexual life. Eating well and exercising serve to keep the body fit and support sexual ability over the years.

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

A diagnosis for erectile dysfunction usually involves a comprehensive check that searches from urological problems to heart history to determine what is causing the impairment. we can then identify two basic origins of this alteration: physical and psychological.

In the physical field one can also include any lesions that affect the genital area. Psychological causes generate problems of stress or depression, which interfere with the sexual desire of the man.

How can you treat erectile dysfunction?

There are different ways to treat erectile dysfunction that depend on its intensity and the factors that cause it.

Therapy treatment

When the origin of erectile dysfunction is not a physical problem, the aim is to find the possible psycho-emotional factors that interfere with the sexuality of man. To help you you will have to look for psychologists, psychiatrists or even sexologists to solve your problem

The factors that may be the source of this problem may also be depression, the fear of not succeeding during the act or a tendency to anxiety. It is important to count on the support of your spouse to maintain an open dialogue in order to try to improve the quality of sexual intercourse by oneself.

Erectile dysfunction can also be corrected through behavioral therapy that helps to change the bad mental reflexes that may occur in these situations.

Treatment of physical problems

The erection disorder at the physical level can be treated through various treatments, natural complements or through operations consistent with the problem that is detected. organic causes can be:

1- Difficulties of blood circulation
2- Problems in the nerves (which may be the spine or the area of ​​the genitals)
3- Hormonal abnormalities

Blood circulation problems can be related to heart abnormalities, diabetes, obesity or sclerosis … Nerve problems can cause accidents or various lesions that can be corrected with surgery.

In addition, hormonal abnormalities can in most cases be resolved with testosterone-based therapy, or with natural dietary supplements that help increase production in the body. (keep reading the article to know our recommendations).

Do you have problems with your desire in bed? You can not manage to satisfy it?

All men are afraid of this kind of thing:

My boyfriend does not last more than 2 minutes when we have sex. Because of that he feels guilty and feels guilty. I told him we could work on this problem. I bought a cream but it did not work; What can I do ?

Sounds familiar? You may be suffering from a drop in your testosterone level.

25 years

From 25 years of age the testosterone levels in humans begin to reduce naturally in the order of 1.25% per year.

It is important to act as soon as possible and to answer all the questions you ask the specialists. It is indeed a priority to know the solution to the problem.

The true function of Viagra

If the physical problems are treated with drugs corresponding to each particular case, there are also drugs created especially to circumvent the symptoms of the erection disorder itself. I am referring here to Viagra and other remedies of this type that are commonly used to cope with sexual impotence. Viagra does not cure erectile dysfunction, it just circumvents symptoms ephemeral.

Viagra, or Sildenafil has become a panacea for male potency. He is so revered that even young people without sexual problems have already tried them despite the risks to their heart. What is its real function?

Viagra is responsible for increasing the cyclic guanosine monophosphate produced by the penis during sex, with the aim of making the blood circulation in this organ more fluid. This is how he promotes erection.

However, do not abuse this medicine. For me, it should only be used by men who really show these problems. This stimulation in a man who has no real problem can indeed give rise to unwanted cardiac reactions. In any case always consult a doctor before taking anything.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction with natural dietary supplements

You can treat erection disorder from natural dietary supplements that have scientifically proven effects on the production of testosterone that stimulates blood flow in the genital tract.

The favorite ingredients of natural medicine to treat erectile dysfunction include:

  • Ginko Biloba
  • Maca
  • Fenugreek
  • Ginseng

These are all ingredients known to be stimulants of nerves and blood circulation. Some natural supplements known as Testro T3 are very popular among men because they contain, apart from the ingredients we have mentioned, other slightly more original ingredients such as horny goat weed or roots. nettle.

The story of Testro T3 is very original. This supplement was not normally sold for erectile dysfunction but only to improve testosterone levels in athletes with the goal of increasing muscle mass. It was these same sportsmen and other bodybuilders who noticed that Testro T3 allowed for better sexual performance.

It was something I had not told anyone because I was ashamed; Testro T3 brought the solution to my problems under the sheets. Michel Quitard

They started sending messages and testimonials of this type on Testro T3, thanking him for helping them with their manhood. This allowed them to stop taking Viagra, which put them at risk for heart complications.

The designers of Testro T3 have improved its formula by adding Trillium Rectum that strengthens the adrenal glands. Its effects make that in only 8 weeks the rate of testosterone increased of substantial form (+ 50%).

Erection Disorder: What if we had the solution?

Erectile dysfunction is not something that should shame you. It is important that we pay particular attention to this isolated problem which after a while in a couple becomes the problem of a whole sex life.

As we have seen throughout the article this can be due to either emotional causes or psychological causes. It is relatively easy to use professional help in both options. In the majority of cases, taking a dietary supplement of the kind of Testro T3 erection disorder will be part of your past. If this is not the case then you will need further medical assistance.

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What is important: a healthy diet, regular exercise, take natural food supplements and good qualities, and tell the doctor if you notice any adverse reactions or erection disorder that persists after 2 months in this way.

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