Zygenx is a high quality male food supplement, whose purpose is to get rid of problems related to penis size once and for all. This remedy not only lengthens, but also increases the dignity of men: the manufacturer guarantees a length increase of 5 centimeters or more and a diameter of up to 2.5 centimeters. The minimum changes are 30% of the measure. It is essential to indicate that the supplement is based on natural ingredients and completely safe for the body, it contains:

  • A Mixture of Fruit;
  • A Mixture of Herbs;
  • Macro and Micro Elements.

Formula and Unique Composition of Zygenx

Zygenx is available in practical tablets. Its exact composition is kept secret wherever you shop: in Asia, in the United States or in Italy. Its secret lies in the unique composition and carefully selected proportions of the ingredients, substances successfully used in urology for several decades. No side effects were identified. This nutritional supplement has been developed for several years by the most important urologists in the world and is approved for sale in almost all countries of the world.

Here are some known components of Zygenx:

  • L-carotene, contributes to the production of spermatozoa;
  • L-arginine, promotes the expansion of blood vessels;
  • Endogenous amino acids, involved in the production of collagen;
  • Phytosterols of pumpkin seeds, affect the functioning of the prostate;
  • Zinc, involved in the production of testosterone;
  • Ginseng extract, increases vitality;
  • A lot of androgens, contribute to the formation of the sperm;
  • Cranberry, has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels;
  • Liquorice extract, increases libido;
  • Extracted from the root of maca, improves the quality of the sperm.

Opinions About Zygenx

The men who took Zygenx unanimously claim to be totally satisfied with his action. Everyone says they have achieved the desired results within two months, a slightly longer time frame than the one assured by the manufacturer. The reviews claim that there are no side effects even when it is necessary to take more of the remedy. The men who took Invigorate RX report the following characteristics of his action:

Acts Imperceptibly;

Gradually corrects sexuality, increasing efficiency, concentration and passion;
the size of the penis gradually increases in all the parameters;
an improvement in overall well-being has been observed.

Zygenx allows you to forget the painful operations of surgery, push-ups and gels. It is really effective, so that after two months your beloved will show the maximum enthusiasm. It should be emphasized that the intensity of the appearance of the action depends on the individual qualities of your body, but it is also true that in any case the sexual performance and the power of the erection increase several times!

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Four important factors for the use of Zygenx

The composition of the remedy contains only natural ingredients, there are no hormones, steroids or other controversial substances.
Before the product was put on sale, it successfully passed rigorous medical checks.
Zygenx is certified and guarantees safety for human health.
The preparation meets the international standards set by the WHO for food supplements.

Personal Security Notice

One of the characteristics of the modern market is the rapid appearance of counterfeit products, so before ordering and buying the remedy check the supplier.


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