8 Strategies to Increase Testosterone Naturally

When men reach a certain age it begins to occur certain hormonal changes. Testosterone levels begin to decrease, so you can observe this just on physical symptoms. Some of these may be a loss of strength, a decrease in desire and sexual performance or a significant loss of muscle mass, for example. It’s in this moments that it becomes very important to know how to increase testosterone in the body.

If the problem intensifies it is possible that there are difficulties to achieve an erection, and maintain the time necessary for a sexual act flourished. Erectile dysfunction may have different causes but in 95% of cases it is due to the decrease in testosterone levels.

The available treatments range from gels, patches to injection and surgery … Fortunately, there is an alternative to increase testosterone without reaching such extremes. The following methods are highly effective in men of all ages. Add to that supplements such as Testro T3 and your body will thank you …

What is testosterone?

It is a hormone that occurs mainly in the testes. It has a fundamental role in our sexuality and reproduction. It also plays a role in hair growth and muscle mass. Testosterone also affects functions like bone density, red blood cell levels and the feeling of well being.

When a man turns 30, his testosterone levels begin to fall by 1% each year. It is possible, however, that in some men with a weak physical form this degeneration manifests itself with a little more intensity.

They may feel a decrease in sexual desire, difficulty concentrating or memory problems, it can even drift into irritability problems or worse into depression. This is when erectile dysfunction appears. If you have this problem and want to know if it is due to low testosterone you can perform a blood test at a doctor.

There are two ways to increase testosterone: By means of synthetic and artificial products, or by completely natural means. I personally recommend the natural way that works in symbiosis with your body. Consider the following tips and you will be in better health.

How to increase testosterone naturally:

1- Lose weight

If you are overweight, one way to increase testosterone naturally is to lose weight. It has been shown by many studies that overweight men tend to suffer from a dangerously low level of testosterone.

To increase its rate of this hormone and lose weight, it is important to reduce the consumption of sugar in your diet. Indeed its excess is one of the main factors of obesity in the world. We must also stop sodas, pastries and any dish prepared.

When your weight goes down it helps the body produce better testosterone levels. This results in increased libido and better sexual performance.

2- High intensity training

It’s been shown that doing high-intensity exercises helps increase testosterone, while quieter gym exercises have negative or neutral effects on our body’s testosterone levels. You can try with this high intensity exercise to increase testosterone:

– Warm up all your muscles for 3 minutes

– Repeat an exercise of your choice as soon as possible and most intensely for 30 seconds, in the end you must feel really exhausted

Recover slow down for 90 seconds

Repeat the high intensity exercise and the recovery stage and so on 7 more times

3 – Includes Zinc on your diet

Minerals like zinc are fundamental in producing testosterone. Through various studies, it has been proven that including zinc in its diet allows men who have testosterone levels to normalize these levels themselves. As a result, many foods that contain zinc are considered aphrodisiacs.

Do not forget to include foods rich in protein such as fish or lean meats. You can meet zinc in foods such as: raw cheeses, raw milk, yogurts … If you want to take zinc supplements, remember not to take more than 40mg per day (maximum dose for an adult). Going beyond this limit can cause poor absorption of other minerals such as copper.

4- Practice hard

In addition to high intensity exercises you should also use PTO. Indeed it is not only a way to increase muscle mass but it also helps to increase testosterone levels to improve your sexual performance.

If you seek to increase testosterone with strength training, it is necessary to increase the weight and reduce the number of repetitions in each series. Exercises that stimulate large muscle groups are always the best. The current trend known as the most effective is to use the weight of your own body to do exercises. It helps to avoid injuries and to adapt the training to your own abilities.

5- Do not forget vitamin D

This vitamin is fundamental for the development of the sperm nucleus, it helps to have a good quality sperm with a high concentration of spermatozoa. This vitamin also helps to increase testosterone levels and libido.

If you think you have Vitamin D deficiency, you can ask to have a blood test to make sure of it. Include this vitamin in your diet and you will benefit from it.

6- Relax a bit and avoid stress

When men are under intense stress their bodies begin to release a large amount of cortisol. This hormone is the enemy of testosterone and literally blocks it.

So if you suffer from stress I advise you to learn some relaxation methods, such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing. In a way stress is one of the factors responsible for erectile dysfunction, so it is very important to avoid it at best to improve your sex life.

7- Only eat healthy fats

By these terms I do not mean that you should only eat mono and polynsaturated fats like those we can find in dried fruits and avocados; You can also consume saturated fats as they collaborate in the process of producing testosterone.

I would recommend a diet of approximately 70% healthy fats, but generally a diet between 50% and 70% healthy fats is acceptable. Remember that fats must come on the one hand from animal origin and on the other hand from vegetable origin for better action.

Try one of the supplements to increase testosterone

By pursuing the goal of increasing testosterone, there are various natural supplements on the market that can help you. One of these options has been developed naturally to increase testosterone without endangering your health. Here are some of these features.

Testro T3 Testosterone Booster

Testro T3 was developed to increase male sexual performance. It increases the fluidity of blood circulation promotes erection. It also tends to improve control over ejaculation.

It increases the production and regeneration of cells to increase the length of the penis during erection. It is a very effective treatment to improve sexuality and reduce the possibility of developing erectile dysfunction.

Its development based on various plants and roots has the property of increasing the testosterone level. You can read more about this through the analysis of Dr. Garay in this article. With the daily consumption of these tablets, it is possible to stabilize the level of testosterone in the body in a short time.

This tablet has the ability to increase strength and physical strength. Those who have tried it ensure that they have more vitality to carry out their daily activities and physical exercises.

Thanks to testosterone, therefore, a better strength and a better resistance are obtained. This is also why it is very popular in body-building.


In this article I presented to you what I think is the best option for boosting testosterone and fighting erectile dysfunction. Testro T3 has been developed in a natural form to allow the body to increase the level of this hormone and do not necessarily use injections or other heavier procedures. If you have any doubt about its benefits on the body you can leave a comment below.

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